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Team work






ACEN's Corporate Management Fundamental




ACEN ' s Board of Directors act in protecting the owner's interests and are in charged on perpetuating a successful business. These principles include : ensuring long-term financial returns and vows to serve with a heightened level of self-discipline and prudence.


The Board is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of management, which include policies, decisions and the execution of managements' strategies. After all, the elected Directors and Supervisors fully exhaust their duties in accordance to the company's Articles of Incorporation and relevant bylaws so as to protect the interest of the company and shareholders.


In order to achieve the goal of corporate governance, the major duties of ACEN's Board of Directors and Supervisors include:
  • Stipulation of an effective and appropriate internal management policy.
  • Selection and supervision of managers.
  • Review of the management policy and business plan of the company.
  • Review of the financial goals of the company.
  • Supervision and handling of the risks encountered by the company.
  • Ensuring the compliance with relevant laws and regulations by the company.
  • Planning the future development of the company (both technology and financial aspects).
  • Creation and maintenance of the company image and fulfillment of social obligations.
  • Appointment of specialists, such as CPAs and attorneys.