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Team work





ASIC/FPGA Design Solutions



The ACEN design team holds wide experience in rapid prototyping and system development on FPGA and CPLD based platform. Besides the strong background to developing proprietary algorithm in several niches (security, cryptography, biometric identification, image analyzes), the R&D team adopts state-of-art FPGA devices from several market leaders (Altera, Xilinx, Lattice). With these policy, ACEN's design productivity are greatly improved to meet rigorous time-to-market and performance barrier with cost-effective solution. On purpose to ensuring that complex design achieves closure in area, functionality, timing and power, advanced OVM/TLM methodology is adopted in ASIC flow to handle tough and tedious functional verification task. Verification team develops complete verification document that described overall strategy, architecture and implementation approach that would be taken to build the verification infrastructure. As long-term strategy, our R&D team works closely with world-leading semiconductor foundry and keeps collaborative relationships with universities, research center, fabless company, IP provider and EDA leading-edge vendors.



The ASIC/FPGA service includes follower topics



  • Requirement Engineering
  • SPEC to Sign-Off
  • SPEC model development (Electronic System Level Modeling)
  • SPEC to Algorithm/RTL Design
  • SPEC to FPGA Prototyping
  • RTL to GDSII ( Hard/Soft IP Core Development )
  • Verification IP/Service(OVM/TLM)
  • FPGA to ASIC Migration
  • GDSII to Tape-Out ( Foundry MPW Program )
  • DFT Insertion ( Memory BIST, JTAG, DFT, and ATPG Service )
  • Sign Off to Tape-Out
  • ECO service
  • Third part IP Customization and Integration
  • IP Resale/Consulting/Qualification
  • Pos-Manufacturing Test and Bonding Service (Partners)