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About Corporate Foundation



Team work

The ACEN Semiconductor Inc. was established in November of 2011, and the corporate foundation beliefs that people are fundamental and based on that, we aims to develop and enrich technology education for the nation. Education is the groundwork of a nation's future betterment, and also a far-reaching endeavor. Successful technology education has laid solid groundwork for Brazil's preeminent economy over the past decades, and to continue this, the ACEN believes that Brazil's competitive edge will rely on the prevalence and depth of technology education with industrial support.


Based on this philosophy, the ACEN Semiconductor Inc. is committed to extending education and training talent in technology. Our effort will be concentrated on developing interpersonal skills and managerial capabilities to cultivate diversified technology professionals.


For advanced education, the ACEN assists graduates to pursue their doctorates domestically for the further advancement of domestic technology education. For students who wish to seek overseas scholarships, we also support them as they enter top tier academic institutions. At the same time, we also sponsor professors and students to publish their research and essays internationally to improve their academic standing. The ACEN Semiconductor Inc. cordially welcomes more people to join its efforts in developing Brazil's technology innovation through education.