Soon: Vacancies for Clinical Research Volunteers (Capsule Endoscopy)

Soon, Acen Semicon in partnership with ANS Pharma and Gastrocentro Unicamp will be looking for patients to perform tests with an endoscopy capsule.

The endoscopic capsule has as main objective to help the doctor in the diagnosis of diseases of the intestine. The test is well tolerated by most patients. The test can be targeted at specific parts of the digestive system: esophagus, small intestine or large intestine (colon). It has several indications, the most common are: obscuring gastrointestinal origin (OGIB), inflammatory bowel diseases (Retocolitis / Chron’s disease), analysis of the small intestine in patients with anemias to be clarified, abdominal cramps of obscure origin, preventive monitoring of colorectal cancer, in patients with contraindications to sedation and in need of endoscopy / colonoscopy.

This protocol refers to a prospective controlled study, aiming to evaluate the activity and safety of the ACEN endoscopic capsule in the main target population of the study to provide information of the diagnostic efficacy and safety of the product, to evaluate the application and comfort of use by the patients.

It is correct to remember that before the device enters the testing phase, the project will have already received approval from CEP (Research Ethics Committee) and from CONEP (National Research Ethics Committee).

Medical suport

Every patient who agrees to undergo to the clinical study will receive all the necessary medical care during the process. In addition to medical support, there are also other facilities, such as transportation and meals on the day of the exams.

Registration channels will soon be released to those interested in being part of the study groups.

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