ASR Smart Card Reader

The ASR was designed to meet the digital security and certification market. Currently the reader supports the digital certification standard ICP-Brazil, and has been approved by Brazilian authorities Verisign/Certisign and SERASA.


BMZ103RC Smart Safe Sensor Board

The BMZ103RC module was designed as peripheral component dedicated to capture digital signals in banking automation solutions. In case of ATM or smart safe, the board is able to capture up to 10 types of signals from sensors, i.e. vibration, magnetic door, temperature, pouch of notes, and provide 8 digital outputs to control security mechanisms.
Features: 2 x USB ports, 10 x digital inputs, 8 x Darlington voltage outputs, and 4 x communication.
Interfaces: 1 x UART, 1 x I2C, 1 x SPI, 1 x JTAG.


SMG210 Smart Safe Control Board

The SMG210 is an excellent central manager dedicated to embedded systems and industrial control. In the case, the platform was adapted to run embedded software banking solutions, especially ATM and smart safe systems. Featuring: Samsung CPU SPV210 1GHz, touch screen LCD 10”, DDR2 512MB, Flash MLC 2GB, 4xUART, 4xUSB, 10 I/O ports, Ethernet, accelerometer, and buzzer.

Display (2)

DG100 Bill Validator Display

Peripheral for control and check the banknote counting. Characterized by high brightness 7 segments display for quantity and value and LEDs to indicate status: operating, error, rejected note, and suspicious note.


APS Power Supply

  • Five Isolated Outputs
  • Total Output Power: 200W
  • Output Individual Control
  • Nobreak Function
  • AC Detection
  • Each output can be adjusted to: 5V, 12V or 24V