Enteroscopic Video-Capsule


The present project proposes the research and development of a system to aid in the diagnosis of diseases of the intestine through the use of a video capsule. The system will incorporate technologies in the areas of microelectronics, optics and digital image processing. The big challenge is to incorporate all the necessary components into the capsule due to size, energy consumption and processing restrictions. The system consists of a video capsule for obtaining and transmitting the images, a vest with antennas and a portable device for reception and storage of the images and a program to aid in the visualization and detection of diseases.


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Cooperative RFID Platform for Asset Tracking in Smart Hospital


Nowadays hospitals are being challenged to improve the quality of patient care while reducing operating costs. To cope this demand Acen is developing a system for tracking hospital assets.

The system will identify assets throughout the hospital, locating their position in a timely manner, and automatically to provide information to users more quickly. The location of these assets will be done through an Internet of Things (IoT) system based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Datamatrix Optical Reading.


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